Change our thinking. Change our behavior.
End obesity now.”
MeMe Roth
Founder & President
Founder’s Philosophy
I am the picture and message of prevention…
For every $1 the USDA spends on nutrition education, food marketers spend $24. That’s where NAAO comes in. We’re fighting marketing with marketing—and a big dose of peer pressure. Many in the NAAO community are physicians, nutritionists and sports trainers, in addition to chefs, film-makers and students. But for the most part, we all consider ourselves concerned citizens. Obesity has always been a part of my life. And having spent years trying to remove junk food from schools and working on women’s obesity issues, NAAO became a full-time focus, where my career in marketing and PR is a big advantage. These days, food moves straight from the science lab to the marketing department. But America can no longer afford to be marketers’ fool. If any reversal of the obesity crisis is to occur, it will take sweeping changes among the general population. And that’s where NAAO needs your help.
I am asking America to make the same decision I made…to shelve all excuses and take it upon myself to maintain a healthy body. As hard as it is to maintain the same healthy weight as in my twenties, that’s the only acceptable choice for me—and the healthiest. Studies show that gaining merely 10-20 pounds of extra fat after reaching adulthood materially increases one’s chance for chronic disease. Yet how many of us pat ourselves on the back for gaining only that much?
The secret to maintaining a healthy body is available to each of us: Exercise daily and eat mostly plant-based food while minimizing your intake of animal fats. Eat modest portions of lean protein and whole grains. Eat generous portions of fresh veggies and whole fruits. Avoid added sugars and refined carbohydrates. Drink water, or skim milk if you drink milk. And if you want a treat, make sure it’s free of obesity- and disease-accelerators such as partially hydrogenated oil; high fructose corn syrup; synthetic hormones; and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners; among other chemicals.
And I promise each and every one of you this: Preventing obesity is far easier than losing weight later on. I’ll bet every overweight American $1 dollar that they can’t lose and keep their weight off five years. I plan to be a millionaire, many times over. Not because I want people to re-gain their weight, statistically though, that’s exactly what happens more than 90% of the time.
This attitude of “gain now, lose later” is big business in America. There’s money in obesity and it’s in pills, surgeries and diets. And there’s no better customer than the dieter. He’ll be back again and again.
And for those of you expecting medical care associated with your obesity…Do you believe health insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid should pay equally for self-inflicted illness? The U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, says skyrocketing healthcare costs are on course to bankrupt America—likely within only forty years. A nation with an overweight majority becomes an issue of national solvency and security.
What do I know about obesity? All 3 Obesity Strikes are against me: My metabolism has aged along with me, I’ve gone through two pregnancies…and I come from a long line of obesity. Growing up, I always knew I’d be fat. After seeing my obese family on my wedding day, the groomsmen wagered how long until the bride would be fat too. Sounds cruel? It’s the same thing everyone in the church was thinking...including me.
But it struck me just after having my two children. Remaining fit is wholly and entirely up to me. Period.
My message to you is this: PREVENT OBESITY. Maintain a healthy body into adulthood. Bring healthy children into this world and teach them how they too can eat and exercise to grow into healthy adults…
Change our thinking. Change our behavior. End obesity now.
What They’re Saying
“Nice job tonight talking about the cookies and obese English child…Need someone who can handle the tough love that this subject requires.”
D.E., RD, CSCS, Colorado, Springs, CO
“I applaud your efforts and stand beside you 110%. Kudos to you for going up against those who choose an unhealthy lifestyle and challenge your efforts with such negativity.”
D.C., Health & Wellness Professional, Saddle River, NJ
“It is never too late for our society to rethink and change the way we have been doing things in the past. I applaud your actions.”
L.W., Millburn, NJ