"Dreaded Weigh In" NY Times
Obesity is rife with denial. Studies show people don’t recognize the degree of their own obesity or that of their children. We wildly underestimate how much we eat and wildly overestimate calories burned.
Excessive adiposity is cause for concern and a subject to be discussed with ones doctor. Albeit, in privacy. Confidentiality of all medical information is crucial–and that certainly includes a patient’s weight.
Common lab results don’t tell the whole story. Excessive fat doesn’t lay dormant: It’s an orthopedic strain, it acts as a gland secreting extra estrogen in both women and men (Can I say man boobs? Can I say 8-year olds getting their period?), and is a signal of cellular inflammation. In addition to a full lipid profile, glucose test and thyroid check, please also ask your doctor about having a C-Reactive Protein screening to check for inflammation. Inflammation is a precursor to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, among other chronic illnesses.
Weight on a scale may vary, but the body never lies.
Friday, February 29, 2008